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A Necessary Cultural Evolution

By B+H Advance Strategy. Published on July 23, 2020.

A few weeks ago, we said that we were listening and learning. Since then, we’ve witnessed the global call to arms for real and lasting change to eradicate the systemic inequity present in our communities.

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We are educating ourselves. We’ve had difficult but necessary conversations with our colleagues around the world to better understand the broad and far-reaching dimensions of racism, inequity, and a lack of inclusivity in each of the geographies where B+H operates. Now we want to share how we will be addressing these issues as a global design + consulting firm with a value system rooted in being Bold yet grounded in the Human element in everything that we do. 

B+H has appointed a Global Inclusivity and Diversity Lead who will champion a global network of Social Equity Task Forces based in each of our studios. Comprised of colleagues from all disciplines, areas of our practice and backgrounds who are stepping forward to support this initiative, these Task Forces will examine the dimensions of diversity, inclusivity and equity through the lenses of their local contexts. The issues are different in each of our communities, and it is crucial we have a global perspective to impact positive change and help build effective and holistic policies, procedures, and strategies at an organizational level. In addition to the work we will be doing ourselves, we will also be partnering with experts and leading voices in equity, anti-racism, and intersectionality advocacy to ensure a diversity of perspectives. We will be holding ourselves accountable by identifying success metrics and measuring ourselves against them. 

We recognize this as the beginning of a necessary cultural evolution; one that we embrace. Our goal is to create real, meaningful and lasting change within B+H, that will create a ripple effect beyond our organization and contribute to a legacy of social impact that we will all be proud of. We look forward to continuing to share our progress with you as we embark on this critical work.