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Build the West Seattle Bridge to Last — with Local Timber

By B+H Advance Strategy. Published on August 21, 2020.

View2 (1) (1)Sustainable, locally sourced mass timber is a renewable resource that sequesters carbon, reduces costs, is safer and more efficient to build, and can last for 100+ years.

We ideated on new concepts for the West Seattle Bridge when it first became apparent that the bridge was failing. Mass timber has clear, significant benefits, and use of this material on this project presents once-in-a generation opportunity. We've created a design that speaks to the resiliency and culture of this region, and have the expertise to make it succeed.

Rebuilding more of what we already have will set us up to fail again, and our infrastructure is already failing us. There is a better way to do this. Let's build the West Seattle Bridge out of timber. 

Learn more about this project by downloading our West Seattle Bridge project package.

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